Red Hunting

About the Development

Red Hunting is an original game, made in the course of a month as practice for creating a board game. The materials for the game were made using Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and Adobe PDF. The let’s play video was made using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Back of Box Summary

Ever wonder how the Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood was able to be so convincing as an elderly woman? Well now you can find out! Players take the role of either the Wolf or the Narrator to get information that will trick Red into thinking the Wolf is her grandmother. Investigate the world, remember the right information, and convince Red that you’re really her Gran and would certainly never do her any harm…

Tutorial and Let’s Play Video

If you want to see an example of Red Hunting works, watch this brief tutorial and let’s play.

Game Design Document (GDD)

If you want to learn more about the workings of Red Hunting, check out its Game Design Document.

Want to play Red Hunting yourself? Download the Rule Sheet and Game Materials!

The Scenes and Script game materials have also been separated for those who want to play Red Hunting digitally or remotely.

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