Noisy Scrabble

Scrabble is a game that is fun for those who like focused, strategic, intellectual gameplay. But what if it was more creative and expressive, with increased interaction between players? That’s where Noisy Scrabble comes in! Noisy Scrabble is a modified version of Scrabble I created with the goal of changing how the game makes players feel. Check out the resources below and try it for yourself!

Over the course of a few weeks, I developed Noisy Scrabble as part of the game design principles course at the University of Central Florida. After analyzing how regular Scrabble tends to cause players to act serious and thoughtful, I set out to re-write the rules of Scrabble to make players be the opposite of this. The result is a game that encourages players to be silly, loud, creative, and not take language rules too seriously.

Noisy Scrabble was made using a regular Scrabble game. Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF were used for documentation, and Adobe Premiere Pro for the lets’ play video.

Regular Scrabble

If you’re not familiar with regular Scrabble, watch this video by Howcast on YouTube to learn how to play.

Noisy Scrabble

If you want to see an example of Noisy Scrabble, check out this brief let’s play I made to get a sense of how it works.

Mechanics, Dynamics, and Aesthetics

If you want to learn more about the differences between regular and Noisy Scrabble, why Noisy Scrabble was created, or the “MDA” of games check out this paper I wrote…

Get the Noisy Scrabble Rule Sheet.

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