About Trick or Traitor

Trick or Traitor is a social deduction game set at a Halloween party. Players talk to the guests to determine who is in costume and who is a real monster. It was made by a 9 person team as part of the Game Dev Knights Spooky Game Jam ’21, a 3 day event at the University of Central Florida.

Trick or Traitor Logo


As a writer for Trick or Traitor, I wrote dialogue for six of the characters: the Chill Hippie, the Skitticle, the Spaceman, Red Riding Dude, the Mermaid, and the Mummy. in the game.

For each of these characters, first I wrote a draft of the dialogue in Twine. Then after feedback and review from the project’s creative director, I made any necessary revisions. Finally, I wrote the dialogue in inkle in a text file that could be implemented in Game Maker Studio, the engine the team used to make the game.

The writing style for this game is intentionally vague and humorous. This was done with the intention of making it somewhat difficult for the player to know who is really a monster, versus who is just very into their Halloween costume.

In addition to this, I also worked with the other writers, designers, and artists on the team to develop the characters’ personalities, appearances, and roles. I also helped with playtesting to ensure minimal bugs were present.

For more information check, Trick or Traitor’s webpage.

Trick or Traitor Writing Samples

To check out the dialogue I worked on, see the links below.

Download Trick or Traitor

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