About Oasis

Oasis is a casual fishing simulator inspired by games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. Players relax while fishing via boat and dock on a small tropical island. It was made by an eight person team using Unity as part of the Game Dev Knights Summer Game Jam ’21, a 3 day event at the University of Central Florida.

Oasis Logo


My role on Oasis was to write interactions between the player character and NPC, unique reaction lines for each fish, and lore pages for the 14 different fish species. I also worked with art and design to determine what types of fish the game should feature.

I researched various fish species to find some that were memorable. When the final fish were decided on, I then researched each of them some more. This was due to the team’s desire for the game to be educational as well as entertaining. I then drafted descriptions for each of the fish using Microsoft Word.

As I wrote each entry, reaction, and interaction I shared it with the other participants of the game jam via the jam’s Discord server to get feedback and see if their reactions were in line with how players were intended to feel.

For more information check, Oasis’s webpage.

Oasis Writing Samples

To check out the writing I did for Oasis, see the links below.

Download Oasis

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