About Airport Adventure

Airport Adventure is a piece of interactive fiction about trying to catch a flight amid all the troubles of modern airports. Players choose how to handle their time, determining whether they make or miss their flight.


As solo developer on this project, I handled creating the writing, design, programming, and style of the game. I used Twine to create the game’s branching narrative, and CSS to add visual interest. I also performed multiple sessions of QA testing to ensure everything ran smoothly.

A big influence and inspiration for Airport Adventure was my own poor experiences with traveling during the COVID 19 pandemic. While extremely stressful at the time, in hindsight the frantic urgency of trying to make a flight reminded me of a video game. Reaching checkpoints, negotiating resolutions, and getting through obstacles are things that are done in both video games and when traveling. My hope is Airport Adventure can help those who have had poor traveling experiences to look at their real world trails in a more entertaining light.

Play Airport Adventure

Click the button below to play Airport Adventure on itch.io

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